News on Author Guidelines


Dear readers, authors and contributors,

Along with greeting you all, I shall announce some news we are implementing on MSJ in order to achieve higher quality and international standards.

First, obviously (as you see), we have made some considerable effort to translate the journal's content into English so that the journal and its publications can have more visibility. Actually, we took the ride and changed the language requirements, so that from now on MSJ will accept submissions in Portuguese or English, but will publish only in English. Of course, papers can also be submitted in Portuguese but, after acceptance, the authors must provide the translated version.

Second, the authors are now required to inform their ORCID registration number in all submitted papers. In fact, this will be mandatory only for the corresponding author and optional for the other authors. Then, if you do not have an ORCID account, you can freely and easily create one. Some advantages of including the ORCID on both your MSJ account and in your paper are: 1) you can be sure that your paper is related to you, that is, distinguishing you from every other researcher that might have the same name or surname; and 2) with your ORCID you can automaticaly connect your published paper to any professional account of yours (eg: your research institution, the Lattes platform, the Sucupira platform).

This two main changes will be on the next volume (vol.3), which is expected to be released by April, with papers being published in continous flow.

I thank you for all the contribution and support we have received.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Anderson R. da Silva