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Top 5 Android RPG Gaming Apps

by grace grace edens (2020-02-13)


Gaming on mobile phones devices has never been that great as it is nowadays. It becomes even more exciting when there is an availability of a huge variety of role playing games or RPG. You can play solo or even play with your friends. Android OS also supports Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) in which a huge number of players can participate in a game. These games have great ideas behind the plot and wonderful maps and landscapes to play with. If you are bored with casual games your Android phone has, you can search from many new exciting games. As per reviews by team, here are top 5 RPG games that can just be exciting and satiate your role playing games desires.


Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3 is the 3rd version of this dynamic action RPG game. It has more than 227 maps, about 136 quests, and four classes to play from; these plays are Sword Knight, Mechanic, Shadow Hinder, and Nature Shaman. You can play in single player or co-op mode. It has a lot of character customization, you can choose from 120 helmets, 100 gauntlets, 120 armors, and about 184 weapons. This third version is faster, and even better than the previous 2 Zenonia series. If you are looking for a hack-and-slash RPG game, Zenonia is perfect for you.


Order of Chaos Online

Order of Chaos Online is an MMORPG that has true 3D and real-time battles made for android devices. The game features different races; these races are Elves, Humans, and OR’s etc. It has more than 1000 skills available and about 2,000 equipments to discover while playing this wonderful game. ‘Order of Chaos’ is similar to any MMORPG on PCs; it has now been developed to be played on android devices.


Inotia3 Children of Carnia

Inotia3 is known for being the second best app during 2011 for Best App Ever Awards. This game has 6 playable classes, more than 30 maps, and 230 unique quests. It is a game comparable to Legend of Manna and operates under 16-bit graphics. Brilliant story modes are the key features of this game that make it unique from other games on the market place. Each class has its own quest and you can make your own storyline based on the quests you take.


Kingdoms Live

Kingdoms live is a MMORPG game that features 3 races to choose from; they are human, Arc, or Elf. It has 3 classes; thee classes include Warrior, Mage, and Rouge. This game has a lot of options for armors, spells, and weapons that will keep you busy for hours. The role of the game is to build kingdoms by acquiring lands. The more kingdoms you get, the more you earn the resources, which can be used to build a stronger army or force to defend your kingdom. There are a lot of quests, rare items, and a lot of things that RPG gamers will surely enjoy.


Cyber Knights

Cyber Knights is an RPG game that focuses on employing the best tactics, which can provide the most effective way to survive in the war. You can play either as a Gunslinger, Cyber Sword, AgentEX or even as Sniper in this game. You have about 200 battle customizations and so many things to do in this game. This game is well-designed and offers a very specific plotline to follow.


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