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Some Mistakes that Make Dissertation

by Matilda Edwards (2018-12-17)

Emotional salary, an extra of great value
Nowadays, the future employees not only value the economic salary at the time of joining a company to work but also take into account other aspects such as the so-called emotional salary, which every time weighs more when it comes to opting for a job or another. Some Mistakes that Make Dissertation Writing a Tough Task

But, what is the emotional salary? They are non-economic benefits that increase the worker's quality of life and their job satisfaction. This remuneration increases the link between employees and the company and acts as a motivating factor, making employees work more at ease, which ends up affecting the work environment of the company.

What is the emotional salary? Of all the benefits that the company offers its employees and that has nothing to do with their salary:

Training: Recycling or acquiring new professional skills continuously is key if you want to succeed in your professional career. This is what the companies know and there are many that make it easier for their employees to continue forming by saving time and favoring the relationship with their colleagues in a more relaxed environment.

Labor flexibility: Many companies are aware that spending more time in the office is not synonymous with working more and better and they opt for flexible hours where it is important for the worker to organize his or her duties more efficiently.

Professional growth: it is as important to have a job as the possibility that you can take on new responsibility as this will motivate you and will be a boost in the development of your career.

Recognition: In a company where there is a culture of recognition, in which you recognize a job well done with words or gestures, it will have a direct effect on your motivation and will make you continue to strive and improve your performance.

With the launch of this type of initiative, companies achieve a series of advantages such as:

Less staff turnover Happy employees increase their sense of belonging to the company, in addition to improving the opinion they have about it and becoming its best prescribers.

Reduction of absenteeism. Occasionally, behind many illnesses and casualties of employees is stress, anxiety or the so-called burnout syndrome that can cause an excess of work or responsibilities. Best Essay Writing Service UK based

Higher productivity. A happy employee is a motivated employee and that affects his productivity in a positive way.

In your next job, negotiate your emotional salary.