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Important Security Threats in Cloud Computing

by grace grace edens (2020-01-27)

Cloud Computing means sharing computing resources than having personal devices or local servers to handle applications. It simply means Internet based computing where services such as storage, servers and applications are delivered to an organization’s devices and computers through the internet. With the growth in cloud computing, the rise in its security threats has also increased. Office Activation Key


Security threats in cloud computing


According to the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) there are few threats that need to be addressed for cloud security. They are as follows:-


Data breaches and data loss


A malicious hacker could use a virtual machine and its side channel timing information to extract private cryptographic keys which is used by other virtual machines on the same server. A single fault in client’s application could provide an attacker with an opportunity to access client’s data. Encrypting your data may reduce the impact of the breach but there’s a possibility if you lose your encryption key, you will lose your data. You can also opt for offline data backup to reduce data loss but it increases the possibility to data breaches. Mcafee Activate Product Key


Hijacking of Account


With access to your credentials, an attacker can eavesdrop on your activities and transactions. The attacker can also return falsified information or redirect clients to illegitimate sites and manipulate the data. Subsequent attacks can be launched using your credentials as the attacker can use your account as a new base for its malicious operations. Hence to protect your account in cloud computing, you must first protect your credentials from being stolen. Organizations should prohibit the sharing of account credentials between users and services. Two factor authentication techniques must be used in order to protect the credentials where possible. Mcafee Antivirus


Insecure interfaces


For monitoring and management of cloud services, organizations depend on interfaces. The Application Program Interface or APIs, a set of protocols for building software applications are an integral part to security of general cloud services.  Third parties and organizations are said to have add-on services built on these interfaces. In order to enable their agency in cloud services an organization may be required to share the credentials to third parties. This increases the risk and exposes the organization to security issues. Download Webroot Secureanywhere


Malicious insiders


Malicious insiders are people within the organization who can be a former or current employee, a business partner or contractor. These insiders can get access to a system, data or a network and use them for malicious purposes. With access to critical systems and data, a malicious insider can create great chaos. Install Avg Antivirus Avg.Com/Retail Activate




One of the most important security issues related to cloud computing is negligence. An organization embraces cloud computing services without fully understanding the cloud environment or the risks that are associated with it. There may also be issues if the organization’s development team is not sufficiently familiar with the cloud environment while it pushes an application to cloud. Hence in order to stay protected from such issues, an organization must first have proper resources to gather extensive information about the service before jumping into cloud computing services.




If an important component gets compromised like an application or a shared platform, it exposes the entire environment to a possible breach. Hence in-depth strategy and defensive methods must be used to protect breaches in cloud computing services.