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How to Fix "Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found" Error?

by Technical Support (2020-02-06)

When you use MS Outlook, you may see these kinds of error Appearing during "Send/Receive Progress" in Outlook "Sending some reported error (0x8004010F): 'Outlook data file cannot be found.'

You will see Profile is corrupted or once you move the Outlook.PST file into another place in your disk or to another computer.

When you visit Outlook data file Cannot be found then you can follow the below given steps:


To begin with, you are able to start Outlook'Account settings.

Then you Email tab and then click"Change Folder".

Click"New Outlook Data File".

Here you can give a name for the new info file (e.g."TEST") Then click"OK".

Now expand the new data file (e.g."TEST") and then select That the"Inbox" sub-folder.

Then choose"OK".


While you are at the Account Settings screen, click"Change Folder" again.

Now select the data file and folder that you want to Store email messages and choose"OK".

After that shut"Account Settings" and click on"Send/Receive"

Now, of how to fix outlook data file your issue cannot be Accessed is solved.

The Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

You can face errors in Outlook while using it. You may see The Outlook error code and message on your display. You don't understand how to take care of the issue. You can also take support from online. However, when you've got the problem of Outlook document you can produce a new profile. If the cause behind this error is a Outlook profile, you can do this. Your perspective error can be fixed by producing a new perspective profile. For this, you can get the current location of your default Outlook data file (from the case, the OST document), and following that create a new Outlook profile.

The outlook data file Can't be found 2019

If you are currently using Outlook 2019 and you have outlook data file Cannot be found issue, then you can follow below steps to fix outlook information files:

You can use the Inbox Repair tool (SCANPST.EXE) in order to Repair and diagnose errors that are there in your Outlook data file. The Inbox Repair tool really assesses the Outlook data files there in your personal computer to find out whether they're currently performing well.

You can use the Inbox Repair tool at the next Scenarios:

When you receive a message that Outlook cannot open your info File

And, once you Get a message the Outlook can't open Set of folders

When There's a chance of your Outlook data file damaged

Outlook data file: Support & Help

When you include an email account to Outlook Local copy of your data stored on your own PC. You can access your subscribed or downloaded email messages, tasks, contacts, and calendar information without having an online connection in place.

There Are Particular Kinds of accounts, such as POP accounts, Which store their information in Outlook Data Files (.pst documents ). Thus, what is the Outlook data file? In fact, an Outlook Data File (.pst) comprises your view messages and other items from Outlook. And, they are save on your PC. You may create POP accounts, which can be a frequent type of account when you are incorporating an email account by an internet service provider such as X-finity or even AT&T or Cox.

Outlook information Can't be configured

This Type of error is generally observed with Microsoft Users where they have roaming profiles and MS Exchange Server within an organization linked. Profiles of roaming user are stored on the network that was shared and so users are able to easily access their Outlook profile in any PC that is connected to that network. Therefore, when this activity is currently executing many times users view mistakes displaying your outlook data can't be configured roaming profile.

You can remove this problem

You can re-check the route of the data files that Outlook is Looking for on the system

It is possible to delete the document If it is OST file Program & then you can download it from Exchange

You can try reinstalling Outlook try opening the Documents

You can also try to use Inbox repair tool such as Scanost.exe & scanpst.exe to fix the prognosis data can't be configured dilemma.

An outlook data file Can't be open

Sometimes you may face some mistake in outlook and in these Situation, it is possible to try to get an answer online. You may see an error message that reads outlook data file cannot be open and fix the issue and you may attempt to find out its cause and you may get help from an expert if you cannot do it.

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