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by Hung Belue (2019-03-17)

wholesale jerseys from chinaI don even think it matters like dude part of being a sexually active adult is making sure the people you are having sex with are ALSO adults. It is not nearly as fucking hard as you guys are making it out to be to prevent your dick from entering a child. The fact that I even have to fucking say that is fucking insane..

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cheap jerseys from china jerseys I say this as an atheist so this isnt a religious arguement. It so incredibly ignorant to be willing to have sex without a condom and birth control with someone who you dont know if you going to be spending your life with. I know this happens all the time and I get it but it still a very idiotic move. cheap jerseys

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wholesale jerseys from china Gonna miss you guys. Tim most of all though 14 points submitted 1 month agoSince nobody really talks much about Serendia fights in the podcast, I not sure what happened. Did you stalemate, or did you beat them? I been out of the loop Serendia wise.Also in a stalemate sense, four guilds couldn dislodge Snake from their castle last night because Snake has literally mastered defending Mediah Castle, every inch of that place is used brilliantly for defense. wholesale jerseys from china

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