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by Hung Belue (2019-03-17)

cheap jerseys free shippingThe Advisory Committee on Water Supply and Wastewater Licensed Operator Training advises the Department through the Board of Examiners on such matters as are referred to the Committee by the Department or Board with respect to the instructional process leading to State licensing of system operators and for the further educational advancement of licensees; coordinates the activities of New Jersey educational institutions offering or proposing to offer appropriate coursework; establishes and periodically updates standardized course outlines for the educational training of the operators of water supply and wastewater facilities leading to State licenses and specifies a minimum number of classroom hours for each; periodically reviews available textbooks in the field of water supply, water treatment and wastewater treatment, and makes recommendations for standard textbooks which should be used for approved courses; acts as a clearing house on matters affecting water supply and wastewater licensee training in New Jersey; and reviews and makes recommendations to the Department regarding seminars, workshops, training courses, college courses or other means, which are acceptable as credit toward training contact hours for license renewal.How do I apply for an examination?Can I apply for more than one exam in the same exam cycle?I work at a utility that has multiple water and/or wastewater facility classifications. Am I eligible for reimbursement by the DEP?I want to become a training provider of water/wastewater related courses. How do I obtain approval from the DEP?As a training provider how can I verify my courses and associated rosters have been entered in your system?As a training provider who do I contact if my courses and rosters have not been entered or the information is incorrect?How can I look up the license information for a water and/or wastewater system operator?1.

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