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by Rex Blohm (2019-03-24)

A member may be removed by the Governor for cause. Vacancies among the public members shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made. The Superior Court shall have jurisdiction of proceedings for the collection and enforcement of the penalty imposed by this section..

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The SEC also filed complaints in federal district court for the District of Columbia against gatekeepers who provided substantial assistance in the fraudulent scheme. In its complaint against Alan Weinberg, CPA, an Israeli resident, and his Baltimore based accounting firm Weinberg Baer LLC, the SEC alleges that they issued misleading audit reports for at least seven of the shell companies. Despite numerous audit failures and red flags, Weinberg and his firm issued audit reports falsely asserting that the audits had been performed in accordance with the auditing standards promulgated by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board..

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CK2 is a great game and it content is very rich. Even though additional DLCs and patches have added massive amounts of content and definitely increased that aspect of the game, I feel that beyond the first couple of patches the base game deteriorated even though the additional content improved the game. I never played CK2 that much, because when it came out my computer wasn really able to run the game and when I got a new computer, the quality of the game was not as good anymore..

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