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by Ellen McClean (2019-04-13)

www.wipe-out-division.deMike Babcock says Garret Sparks will start vs. Detroit. Has to do with both getting Andersen rest and keeping Sparks more involved.[Shilton] Turns out, the Leafs bus broke down coming back from Buffalo, which deprived William Nylander of a practice on Wednesday: "I've been skating by myself so I waiting to practice with the guys, and then the bus broke down so I was like 'yeah, okay, just one more day by myself.'"[Shilton] William Nylander is among first players on the ice for Leafs morning skate.

As I think about him more though I remember him ending HOF Calvin Johnsons career early with all the jump balls and over the middle throws, especially in double/triple coverage. Calvin fingers looked like shit when he hung it up. I never seen ANYONE who left our team defend Stafford.

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Similarly, the food log form provides sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. There are fields for you to list each item you eat or drink as well as the calories, fat, fiber and other nutritional values for all of your meals and munchies. There are places to tally up these numbers at the bottom of each column as well, so you can make sure you are reaching your nutritional goals.

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1 point submitted 1 day agoThere is something to be said about learning how to win tournaments, but that wasn the point of your post having a good rating was the goal. If ratings are your only goal then you can test the waters in a larger division. If winning is your only goal, you can start in Recreational and see what it takes to win in each division (which isn necessarily impressive usually if you play bogey free you can win or compete for the win in Rec) 251 points submitted 3 days agoToday we saw a great presentation on all the things you have to do to lose a game you have absolutely no business losing.First, you start off with anemic QB play and not being able to move the ball at all on offense.

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