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by Micah Borthwick (2019-04-25)

The key is to know when and under what circumstances a firearm should be pulled from concealment. Pulling a firearm on an unarmed assailant may not necessarily cause the assailant to break off the attack. This is particularly so if the assailant perceives they can physically over power you.

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Now you've got people standing around staring at their phones who only showed up to take a virtue signaling selfie trophy and then leave (hashtag making a difference!) and get lots of likes from 60,000 people they don't know but all think exactly the same way they do. People show up to protests and have no idea what the message is, interviewers prey on these dumbasses and make the whole crowd look like morons. If you ask 10 people at the rally what they're there for, you'll get 11 different answers.

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This type of jersey debuted for last season's "gold game" but wasn't ready for full scale use until this season. The Nike jerseys are composed of fewer fabric panels than last year's model and are perforated toward the bottom. LSU's traditional gold pants are also one piece now instead of the stripe being a knit fabric, again for a better fit..

Answer: This 1940s photo shows what the Corporation Court room looked like at that time. It was similar to the original layout of the Hustings Court room from 1852. When the Circuit Court was built in 1955, the room was partitioned into cubicles for probation offices.

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