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Cyprus Property for Sale & for Rent

2 Bed Apartment For Sale in Nicosia Our professional team of property consultants throughout Cyprus may help you by recommending suitable properties based on your location and price range requirements. Once a property has been chosen, our Property and Development staff will draft, review and negotiate the preliminary agreement as well as the deed of sale/purchase of the property in query. VAT can also be due when buying a brand new property. The standard rate in Cyprus is 19% when it has been obtained from the primary market. The Attractive Cyprus Tax System Whatever your standards is in choosing a property in Cyprus, Chris Michael Estates will allow you to find the proper property that most closely fits your wants and finances. Buying a brand new property in Cyprus could come with so many trendy features. Playgrounds, swimming pools for children, fitness amenities, indoor gyms, saunas, roof gardens, home theater rooms, large walk in closets, lots of storage, oversized windows, and even absolutely serviced properties provided by the developer. The property market within the country is growing very quick. Powerful Market Intelligence analytics tools for buyers. Our Real Estate Analytics platform, CEI (Cyprus Economic Intelligence), analyze the info and provide helpful graphs and thermal maps. Until tax 12 months 2016, the proprietor of immovable property situated in Cyprus was liable to pay an annual IPT which is calculated available on the market value of the property as at 1 January 1980, on the various rates as famous within the desk below, which apply per proprietor and not per property. 1 .

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