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Bio Statement Role of Sports Ethnicity in Sports

In the history of sports ethnic communities have had an important place in the sporting activities and the events associated with sporting events. They have played a part in such events as the International Olympic Committee, the FIFA soccer tournament, inter club and regional championships, football tournaments in different parts of the world, while the participation of Africans in boxing competitions has also been on the rise xinbet88.

One of the most successful African athletes is Muhammad Ali. His interest in the African community did not start by just speaking out against discrimination, as his childhood was filled with racism. For his part Ali wanted to give something back to African people who put him through so much trouble.

The renowned boxer's greatest victories came when he was pitted against a fighter who had the African name of Joe Frazier. At the time Ali had to make himself known to the American public. However, he gave a speech which showed his great faith in the African community. He was inspired by a statement by a young man who said that in his native country he could not even find a swimming pool in which all the children could practice swimming.

Ali then went on to fight Joe Frazier, and won the fight. The victory was attributed to the African American community because in the first round of the fight Ali had received a devastating blow to the head, and his fighting spirit had been raised. It was at this point that the community felt that their voice could be heard. And they were heard by Ali and by the world maxbet.