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We're upping our game customarily with brand-new BLITZ games and 12 ports from 7 video game workshops. The simple form of the pins set under the gunwale for belaying halyards to, the flat shape of the loom of the oar and its method of shipping with an iron ring set over a single thowl, in addition to the level head and low peak of the sail, and the light shades of blue and green made use of in painting the hulls, all flavour of what one meets to-day on the Scandinavian coast. The Siamese boatman, nonetheless, does not object to this greatly, as it conserves reefing; in fact, these matted sails are liked to cotton or duck, for the very reason that the latter are thought about to press a watercraft down a lot more, while the mat sail, unlike the much heavier matted sail of the Malays and of several Chinese junks, gives an automatic relief to the watercraft in a fresh wind, by enabling a large proportion of its toughness to pass right through it. At the exact same time, in light winds this type of sail appears to hold the lightest air.

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