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Top 10 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2019

por Ceza Avukatı (2020-05-03)

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Year over year, there is an increasing amount of internet & social media users. Therefore, brands are relying on social media tools and trends to reach their consumers.

As Scarlet Media, we have a professional team that is know as SMY (Social Media Yield). SMY is one of the most successful social media advertising companies and shares the top social media trends that you need to watch out for:

*Influencer marketing
*Blogs & bloggers
*Increased social media spending
*Videos is one of the most popular content types
*Instagram stories
*Augmented reality
*Linkedin images
*More native advertising

Tips for Increasing Your Organic Reach on Social Media

Organic Reach is one of the basic metric used in social media platforms that shows the number of unique accounts without any paid activities. Reach determines the potential engagement rate of a post. Building a strong social media presence is not hard if you choose the right social media company for your business. Scarlet Media, as an expert social media agency Dubai knows some essential tips to increase your organic reach on social media.

  1. Identify your competitors and analyze the competition's strengths and weaknesses
  1. Concentrate on your studies on the right places
  1. Use targeting to maximize organic potential
  1. Post the right types of content
  1. Optimize your social media profiles and promote them
  1. Organize social media contests
  1. Choose the right posting frequency

Why Your Company Needs Its Own Hashtag

Nowadays, hashtags are commonly used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook etc. That is, you can see them everywhere. Creating your own hashtag is an effective way of growing your business. If you used hashtags strategically, they provide a lot of benefits. As Scarlet Media, a social media agency dubai, we want to share some advantages of creating your own hashtag:

*Raise awareness
*Target a very specific group and your market
*Boost your SEO
*Promoting your brand, idea, event or brand on social media *Expand your content reach

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