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Three Month Bathmate Review - What Happened After

por John Bathmate (2019-02-06)

In 2012 I bought a $110 Hercules hydro pump to see if I could reproduce the results everyone else was talking about. I started with a 30 day challenge, but there were a lot of trouble along the way. Swelling, testicle discomfort -enough to get me to stop using it for a month after the challenge ended. I did see a .25 inch temporary gain, but that disappeared after my month off.

After a month break I went back to it, but I did go much slower and cut down the recommended use time down to 10-15 minutes. I stopped measuring, and once I got into routinely using it 5 days a week in the shower… I pretty much stopped worrying about results. After 3 months I did see visual changes:

veinier, much veinier. Looks like it has been lifting weights.
fordyce spots started disappearing. I’m pretty sure this is from the addition Magnesium Chloride I have been putting in the water.
small stretch marks in foreskin, but nothing major, no discoloration. I got most of those stretch marks when I overpumped and my foreskin swelled. This stopped when I dropped the pressure I pumped to, and took breaks between pumping. I believe the magnesium chloride I have been adding also made a difference in this. More on that in the end of this review.
larger head. My head has always been smaller, but now there is definite mushroom shapeage going on.

The Pumping Routine I Ended up Turning Too
My pumping routine consisted of a slower, 2 min pumped, 15 seconds break to allow fresh blood to re-enter. Pumping too hard if you have foreskin without taking breaks pulls too much blood too quickly into the thinner, blood vessel rich tissue of the foreskin. I stopped getting hematomas (those red spots from burst vessels), and swelling (which concerned me the most), but since I cut the recommended pumping time in half, and stopped pumping to higher pressures… I really didn’t think I’d see results. I was seeing them, I was told they were there, but I just really was skeptical that it was actually working.

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